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Metal coating online now at affordable prices. Quality Service with Dependability

Ever-Nu Metal Products Co., Inc. was one of the first in the country to deploy an automatic electrostatic coating system, over sixty years ago. 

 Our Powder coating clients are nationwide, representing the display, building, cosmetic, automotive, security, outdoor furniture and railing industries.

In 2003, Ever-Nu completed a two-year renovation and installed all new state of the art equipment, giving us the capabilities of coating products 8' high by 15' long automatically. We have 2 fully automatic systems plus a custom batch booth and oven. In 2004 Launched a fully operational batch over with the capabilities of curing products up to 15 feet in length. 'Powder coating online now.  Learn more...

Set for the Future - 2009 and Beyond

SandBlasting!!! This is our newest technology and it serves our market well. Residential, Commercial Building Owners, Contractors, Professional contracting Associations and Jobber all benefit from sand blasting.  The new  process is designed to work with items that clearly call for more detail and delicate attention while at the same time requiring a higher quality of workmanship! Go to our sandblasting page and Learn more...

Auto Rims Blasted Clean
Commercial Establishment Benefits
Commercial Establishment Benefits

1.Choices of Powdercoating or Sandblasting provides a flexible solution for the client. 2. High Chip and scratch resistant      3. Excellent chemical, petroleum and salt resistance      4. The ability to apply a thick, even coating without drips or sags        5. Premium insulating quantities, both electrical and thermal (removes cold metal feeling)  6. Decorative finishes (eg. Hammertone, Antique, Sandtex, Textured) applied in one application     7. Excellent fade resistance to ultraviolet light reduces fading (polyester-polyurethane) 8. The ability to encapsulate products, wrap around corners and help  eliminate sharp edges     9. High quality one coat coverage with no primary necessary.     10. Can resist abuse in low and high temperature variances   11. Virtually unlimited number of solutions 

  • Two Fully Automatic Conveyor Lines
  • 15 Foot Batch Oven
  • 5 Stage Washer
  • Hundreds + Stock Colors - Color Matching Available
  • Blasting with multiple media types
  • Safe Restoration
  • High Detail items
  • Preserving asset life
  • No Minimum Lot Size
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Large or Small Parts
  • Work Guaranteed
  • Insured
  • Quotes Provided Upon Request