EverNu Metal Products
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Founder and CEO, Ever-Nu, Mr. Frank Gagliardi

In 1953 Ever-Nu moved to its current location in Brooklyn, NY. In 1956 the H.G. Fisher Co. of Illinois installed at Ever-Nu the first  automatic electrostatic coating system in the northeast, as a test model.  

John and Frank were so impressed by the systems performance, that they purchased it from H.G. Fisher, and thus started a long legacy of  pioneering in the metal finishing industry. 

In 1973 the business was passed  on to John and Frank's sons, Frank Jr. & Rocco, who had active in the business since 1966.  Thirty years later, in 1996, they were joined by Rocco's son John, who is now the general manager. 

Ever-Nu has a long history of gratitude and appreciation toward our customers who've made it possible for us to reach this milestone. 

We take great pleasure in knowing that our customer base is not only very large but also very diversified. We specialize in service to the display, building, cosmetic, automotive, security,  outdoor furniture, and railing industries. 

In 2003, Ever-Nu completed a two year renovation and installed all new, state- of- the- art equipment, giving us the capabilities of coating products 8' high by 15' long automatically. We have 2 fully automatic systems, plus a custom batch booth and oven. In 2004, we installed a fully operational batch oven with the capabilities of curing product up to 16' in length.

We at Ever-Nu have always felt that the best way to show customer appreciation is with QUALITY, SERVICE & DEPENDABILITY.  


Celebrating 60 years in the metal finishing industry

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